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Our philosophy is to always maintain a constant and complete relationship with our Partners and Customers. A consultancy firm that operates in an active and proactive way is often useful, if not absolutely necessary, for the company that wants to grow and be updated on all the news and opportunities that arise every day.


This section contains the information documents regarding C&A activities and some of the procedures and useful documents for Partners and Customers. The files are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF), while the utility documents can be downloaded only on request. Please use it only for personal information and according to the regulations in force for privacy and confidentiality. Unauthorized distribution, copying or distribution to unauthorized third parties is prohibited (see Disclaimer).


C&A - Company Profile - Italian (3,5 Mb)

C&A - Company Profile - English (3,5 Mb)

C&A - Art Division Profile - English (10,2 Mb)

C&A - Opening China & Asia Markets - Italian (140 Kb)

C&A - Corporate Services in China - Italian (72 Kb)

C&A - Founders' Resumes - Italian (500 Kb)

C&A - Founders professional resumes - English (500 Kb)


C&A - Newsletter N. 01-09/2017 - English (2,5 Mb)

- The new Newsletter of Carlin & Associates.

- Equiventia introducing its vision for an Integrated & Sustainable Mobility Platform.

- Muteki: LED technology for future light systems.

- CleanBnB: the italian answer to the short term rental services.

- G-Like: the excellency in the handcrafted & bio ice cream.

- Carlin & Associates: vision e mission in the industrial e financial panorama in Italy.




C&A - Newsletter N. 02-11/2017 - English (2,9 Mb)

- A team of professionals available to the small-medium enterprise.

- Bertone Design: italian excellence in the world of design.

- ZeoScience by Panaceo: the natural treatment for Osteoporosis.

- BFR Group: since 30 years specialist in the high precision mechanical constructions.

- Expanding your activities in India thanks to C&A, UJA and Studio Vienna.





C&A - Newsletter N. 03-01/2018 - English (6,7 Mb)

- The courage to do "business": it has always been part of our DNA.

- FlyMove: The Italian platform of Integrated and Sustainable Mobility is born.

- TecnoCarbon: at the forefront in the production of Carbon Fiber and Nanotubes.

- Trading Commodities: our experience and expertise at your service to operate in absolute safety.

- Electric mobility and renewable energy: difficult to reconcile?





C&A - Newsletter N. 04-05/2018 - English (7,2 Mb)

- Positive results and growing numbers for C&A in 2017.

- FlyMove: Presentation of Dianchè City Car and Daytona Sport.

- Experenti: at the forefront of Augmented Reality.

- Art as a financial collateral.

- The Venture Capital market and technological start-ups in Italy.





C&A - Newsletter N. 05-12/2018 - English (17,9 Mb)

- A successful year for C&A and ECP.

- FlyMove presents the Smart Mobility Platform.

- Milan, 28 November 2018: Flymove Beyond Mobility event.

- Limix: the glove that transforms gestures in voice.

- Foster: a new wellness concept.

- The offline and online sales organization for the digital company.





C&A - Newsletter N. 06-05/2019 - English (9,1 Mb)

- C&A - A team of professionals for small and medium enterprises.

• Smart City by Next Flymove Paradigma.

• Partnership with CSC Capital USA.

• EVs Market moving to China.

• Temporary Manager - characteristics and functions.

UTILITIES (only upon request)

C&A - Contratto di Consulenza standard - Italian (120 Kb)

C&A - Advising Agreement standard - English (120 Kb)

C&A - Standard Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) - English (85 Kb)

C&A - Client Executive Summary Form - English (100 Kb)

C&A - Client Diligence Form - English (79 Kb)

C&A - Listino Prezzi Servizi Consulenziali - Italian (138 Kb)

C&A - Listino Prezzi Servizi Finanza e Venture Capital - Italian (86 Kb)

C&A - Investment Opportunities Portfolio 2017 - English (12 Mb)

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