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In fact, C&A offers integrated services for companies, in an innovative and entrepreneurial way. It is composed of a team of professionals with extensive experience and international expertise in the business sector and business development.


Currently, thanks also to the precious support of its managers and partners, C&A puts its strategic and marketing experience at the disposal of small and medium-sized Italian and foreign companies wishing to expand their activities internationally or who need to optimize their facilities sales, take advantage of new business opportunities, improve its offer according to the reference markets.


C&A is also the ideal partner of a startup company, because it helps the new entrepreneur to define his project, structure the company and managerial organization, promote his funding and follow it step by step in every operational and commercial problem, up to start it permanently. All this in a short time, establishing a direct, constant and productive relationship with the entrepreneur but above all, with initial sustainable and flexible costs.


C&A avails itself of partnerships with highly valued professionals with whom it maintains long-standing relationships of absolute trust and which allow C&A to be present in the most important and attractive international markets, mainly USA, China, Asia, Middle East, and with direct contacts in North Africa and South America.


Recently C&A has also activated some collaborations with Italian and international companies in the M&A sector, some of which has assumed representation for Italy and through which it is possible to access prestigious lines of investment and private and institutional financing to be presented on the Italian market.


Whatever the operational needs of your company or whatever your business project is, C&A is at your disposal for a free meeting of knowledge and assessment, on the basis of which we will provide you, without any obligation, an analysis of the situation and the our vision to achieve the goals you desire.


Held in Milan, in the prestigious location Gadames 57, on 28th November 2018

Flymove Smart Mobility Platform Event


The Flymove event “Beyond Mobility” held in Milan last November 28th 2018 was a great success. In the presence of more than 250 guests including investors, partners and national and international media, Flymove officially presented the company, its strategy industrial and above all the first full EV cars with the “Dianchè Bertone” brand. After a dutiful tribute to the history of Bertone and its historic founder Nuccio Bertone, the two hyper-cars Dianchè BSS GT One and GT Cube were presented, which show Bertone at the top of the automotive world, both full electric and equipped with the BSS system quick battery exchange (in just 3 minutes). Both GT cars will be available in pre-order from January 15, 2019. Produced exclusively in Italy in very limited series (only 9 units for each model), the first deliveries are expected in early 2020.

“Flymove Beyond Mobility” was a culmination of a great effort made by the entire Flymove team, together with its technological and operational partners. More than 200 guests attended the event, representing 65 companies, financial operators, investors, and media. More rare than that, 5 new fully electric cars were demonstrated in the same event (Dianchè GT One, Gt Cube, Gt Two Pikes Peak, City Car One and Cube). BSS battery rapid exchange system was also presented for the first time in Italy, unique of its kind and currently the second functional system in the world (first is NIO in China). 6 valuable Bertone Classic cars (Lamborghini Miura, Lancia Stratos, Bertone Nuccio, Montreal Romeo, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider and Coupé) were also exposed. For the first time ever, Bertone Nuccio cars (both versions), the only two existent in the world, have been exhibited simultaneously.


Flymove would like to thank to all its staff and technological partners who have made this successful innitiative possible, particulary to: Vercarmodel Saro, Picchio, AKKA Technologies, Tecnam, Energica, BFR Group, Adria Raceway, Codony Sport and Advance SIM.


New exclusive partnership with CSC Capital USA

C&A is pleased to announce the start of a new partnership with CSC Capital USA, a prestigious financial company based in Bend, Oregon.

The CSC Capital Group is one of the leading financial operators in the United States, with various offices in the USA and worldwide, and operates in the areas of financial restructuring, M&A and Investments. C&A assumes its exclusive representation for Italy, thus being able to provide its customers with a vast range of highly qualified and reliable services. More details in the News section.

New headquarters of C&A, Equiventia and Flymove in Padua

Starting from April 1st, C&A and ECP inaugurate a new operational base in Viale dell'Industria 19, in the industrial area of Padua and at the facilities of the Paradigma and NEXT Mobility partners. This step will allow C&A and Flymove Group companies to interact synergistically and more effectively with their partners, especially in view of the upcoming launch of the sustainable mobility initiative for the city of Padua.


Equiventia Capital Partners increases capital

Following a resolution by its Board of Directors, Equiventia has increased its share capital up to € 200,000. A further step forward in the consolidation of the company, with a view to new investments and company holdings to be implemented in 2019.



New interesting Real Estate opportunities in Italy

C&A has available a list of important opportunities in the luxury real estate market and commercial business. Please contact us to know more.

New interesting Art opportunities

C&A has been approached by various Sellers looking for Purchasers of their Modern Art masterpieces. Please contact us to know more.

All news on C&A opportunities in the Investments section.

May 2019

Marco Lazzaroni is the new Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer di Flymove Holding Limited UK.


February 2019

Flymove Holding, company belonging to Equiventia/C&A Group, signed a new partnership agreement with NEXT Mobility and Paradigma, for the launch of SMP Platform in the city of Padua.


CSC Capital USA chose C&A as its new Exclusive Representative Office in Italy.



All news on C&A activities in the News section.

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