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Carlin & Associates offers a truly complete range of business services, all integrated together, thanks to direct skills and experiences or in collaboration with its professional network.


Client can easily identify its needs or C&A will be pleased to run a free preliminary diligence together with the entrepreneur and his staff, that will allow him to choose the services that meet at best the needs of his company, by planning an intervention strategy and a targeted investment.


  • Check the company to identify weaknesses and problems.
  • Analysis of potential markets, evaluation of opportunities.
  • Processing new production and commercial strategies, analysis of their risk factors and optimization of existing ones.
  • Preparing the Business Plan, the Investor Memorandum and investment relations, together with commercial plans.
  • Coaching entrepreneur or the management for international negotiations with suppliers, customers and partners.
  • Corporate reorganization in international perspective.
  • Financial and banking distressing: check of current situation, negotiation with lenders to renegotiate debt and their consolidation.
  • Mandates for the sale of the company, seeking for investing or financing partners, looking for new shareholders.
  • Enabling international productive or commercial joint ventures.
  • Start-up lanching, financial support and its coordination.
  • International network of representations and trading professionals, with centralized management of marketing.
  • Representations and interface with agents and distributors.
  • International trading of commodities (Oil & Gas, Metals, Agro, Minerals and more).
  • Legal support and international advising for any business need, partnerships or relationships with third parties.
  • Patent analysis in collaboration with major international Patent Attorneys.
  • Analysis and improvement of the image and corporate communication (Company Profile, Website, Presentations).





  • Check of corporate, financial and strategic situation.
  • Check of Management and Production Control.
  • Corporate restructuring, generational reorganization.
  • Banking distressing and debt reconsolidation.
  • Raising of equity capital from outside investors.
  • Raising capital in financing from third-party investors.
  • Sale of the company.
  • Drafting of Business Plan at 5 years.
  • Drafting of Investor Memorandum and Company' Teaser.
  • Legal and contractual activities vs. counterparties.
  • Market researches.


  • Business Strategy.
  • Remote support for current and hot opportunities.
  • Supporting the company for temporary management.
  • BP activities in JV or for new branch in another country.
  • Company Financial Plan.
  • Company Marketing Plan.
  • Marketing Plan for activities in joint venture or branch in another country.
  • Purchase and resale of products through C&A international subsidiaries and representatives.
  • Business, legal, promotional coaching.




  • Activation of the C&A international network for Client' promotional activities.
  • Looking for agents and distributors for specific countries or Market Areas.
  • Formalization of agreements of agency, distribution, representation.
  • Finished product sales, Machinery, Equipment, Supply Contracts or account processing for third parties.
  • License sales of Know-How, Patents.
  • Finished product sales, Machinery, Equipment, Supply Contracts or account processing for third parties obtained through the activation of industrial or commercial JV procured by C&A.
  • Outsourcing of commercial services and trading activities.
  • Commercial negotiations with suppliers, customers.
  • Finding third party partners (eg. Logistics).
  • Participation in trade fairs, conferences or promotional events on behalf of the customer.
  • Preparing corporate documents for foreign countries (construction, translations, etc.).


  • Construction of Company Profile.
  • Check the level of the existing communication and image.
  • Providing a report and study on current communication level.
  • Improving existing brand.
  • Development of the new company brand or product.
  • Coordinated graphic image, business cards, etc.
  • Construction of company website.
  • Studio for catalogs, product sheets, specific cards, etc.


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Step 2

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Step 6

  • Documents approval.
  • Road-show setup.
  • Road Show to Investors.
  • Negotiations & Closing


  • Due Diligence.
  • Acquiring informations.
  • Opening Investment Dossier.
  • Project Evaluation.
  • Feasibility Study.
  • Information diligence.
  • Strategy definition.
  • Drafting of Investment Memorandum.
  • 10 working days.
  • 10 working days
  • 10 working days
  • 40 working days
  • 10 working days


  • 60/90 working days
  • Free.
  • Una Tantum Retainer Fee (1° tranche)
  •  Included.
  • Included.


  • Una Tantum Retainer Fee (2° tranche)
  • Success Fee.


Carlin & Associates offers the client a clear and structured consulting contract according to their specific needs.

The contract defines the object of the Scope of Work, the implementation timescales and the related costs, without ambiguous clauses or hidden costs. It is also attached a precise price list for each single activity planned or subsequently requested during construction.

The main features of the C&A Agreement are:

  • Precise delimitation of the purpose of work, objectives and final objectives;
  • List of investment documentation to be prepared by C&A (eg. Business Plan, Investor Memorandum, Marketing Plan, etc.);
  • Determination of the information and documents that the Customer must provide to C&A for the execution of the Scope of Work;
  • Delivery times final investment documentation for approval by the Customer;
  • Definition of compensation to Retainer (for the opening of files and drafting of documentation) and to Success (on investments and / or loans raised by C&A);
  • Terms and conditions of payment;
  • Reimbursement of expenses (included or not);
  • Regulating relations with third party financial operators;
  • Confidentiality and Non-Circumvention Clauses;
  • Duration and Territory;
  • Exclusivity Report (if any);
  • Any Mandates to represent the Customer;
  • Standard clauses for relations between C&A and Customer (eg Transferability, Disputes, Obligations between the Parties, etc.).

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