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C&A has a long experience in the international trading of commodities.


This is a job that requires enormous care and prudence, operating in a global market where the risks are very high as there is never certainty about the seriousness and reliability of the counterparties and brokers. C&A has developed a set of verification procedures and operations management, for any amount or kind of material, which guarantee both the seller and the buyer in a clear, transparent and foolproof way.


In nearly 10 years of business, commercial managers C&A gained a respectable track record, thanks to close cooperation with its international network of professionals who provide a constant local presence and operating under strict security procedures. Add to this, the daily interface with specialized operators, such as banks, logistics companies, experts verification, inspection and certification.


For these reasons, C&A is the ideal partner for your international business activities, whatever they are.

A competent partner

for your business of

international trading of


C&A works in partnership with a specialized company expert in trading. Thanks to this important partnership, C&A can afford on the management and competence of Marlin, an Italian company that since long time operates in the trading commodities field with the same C&A' seriousness and competence requirements.

In detail, thanks to this synergic collaboration, C&A is now able to offer the development of national/international sales channels for Import/Export and to manage the achievement of specific objectives through marketing and communication actions tailored to the chosen products.


C&A deals with a wide range of products, the most important are:


  • Vegetable Oils (Rapeseed, Sunflower, Soybean), even for  food;
  • Oil Derivates (Jet A1, Mazut, D2/D6 and others);
  • Coal;
  • Copper and metals, even precious.


  • acts as an interface between the Parties with proven reliability, trustworthiness and prestige; its impartiality and professionalism will ensure that all parties involved in the business are successfully met;
  • offers opportunities previously tested, according to the requests of the same Buyer/Seller;
  • makes a prior check on the reliability of the Buyer and Seller for both corporate and financial aspects; if one of the parties does not exceed controls, C&A will immediately withdraw from the transaction.
  • is the initial contact between Parties, putting them in direct contact only after all the work of setting the business has already been done in detail. C&A filters and also controls the exchange of contractual documents between the Parties;
  • oversees the direct negotiation between the Parties, proposing solutions, acting impartially, according to international procedures;
  • is a "referee" for both Parties in the contract management, logistics, financial aspects and even in the management of all aspects of side effects that can hinder the success of the operation;
  • ensures and protects the mediators involved in the business, while maintaining their position and their commission, even supporting the functions of Paymaster;
  • creates and manages a large "database" of reliable suppliers and serious buyers, checking them for each field of interest and for any commodity;
  • oversees the various financial steps for each operation, in close cooperation with the banks normally used by the Parties themselves;
  • is rewarded for his support thanks to an equal and equitable agreement between Purchaser and Seller, by increasing intermediation costs in a minimal way.

C&A operates in the Trading area according to strict procedures. It 'so much more than just a "mediator", is rather the true guarantor operating both for the seller and for the buyer, so that everything is running as safely and simply as possible. Indeed C&A:


To be informed in real time and to know the trend of international markets is vital to ensure safe management of your trading  affairs. C&A continuously monitors the major benchmark indices, to initiate transactions and to enable new opportunities to the fullest. In this section you will find links to some of the most important international intelligence, market and price websites, really useful for any transaction.



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